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About Us
     National Medical Review Corp. is a doctor's office specializing in MRO services. We are committed to providing the highest quality service while maintaining high standards in the MRO field. Our mission is to assist employers in maintaining quality drug free workplace programs. Through the use of an efficient staff and nationally respected physicians, National Medical Review Corp. is able to provide employers with the personal attention and timely reports they need.

     Established in 1995, National Medical Review Corp. offers a team of Medical Review Officers and assistants who are experts in the field of substance abuse and the Federal drug testing laws. Our staff remains effective and is updated on all new and innovative approaches to the detection of substance abuse.

     Over the years, National Medical Review Corp. has been successful adjusting to all new business. Because of our structure, we can accommodate any volume. Our belief is that we are here to serve your needs and have the technical capabilities for unlimited amounts of reviews.